Today the SIOA “Leaving Islam” ad campaign rolled out on the streets of Miami — it’s an assertion of religious liberty, the free conscience, in response to the misleading CAIR dawah bus ad campaign that has rolled out in several major cities.

One of the first projects for Stop the Islamization of America and the Freedom Defense Initiative organization that Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller started was this bus ad campaign.

This is the first time anyone has offered public help to those who are threatened under Islam’s apostasy law. In the Land of the Free, government and law enforcement should be on this. But they aren’t. So we are. It is time for free citizens to stand for freedom — or lose it.

Why did they create and organize a bus ad campaign to offer resources to Muslims who want to leave Islam but feel threatened? They wanted to show that some people will stand up against violent intimidation, some people will stand up for religious freedom in America. And we wanted to counterbalance the smooth deceptions of the CAIR campaign.

“HAMAS-LINKED” CAIR’s campaign:

Freedom of religion is an unalienable right. Sharia law holds no weight or legitimacy here.