Lindy Kerin
ABC Australia
Monday, April 26th, 2010

TONY EASTLEY: The Queensland Coroner plans to investigate the death of a two year-old-girl who died earlier this month, after receiving the flu vaccine.

On Friday the Australia’s chief medical officer Professor Jim Bishop issued a nationwide ban on flu shots for children under five. His announcement came came after more than 20 children suffered severe side effects from the vaccine in Western Australia.

LINDY KERIN: Over the last month 23 children in Western Australia have been taken to hospital suffering fits, fevers and vomiting. They’d all had the influenza vaccine.

Now it’s emerged that a two year-old-girl died in Queensland, the day after she and her twin sister had the flu shot. The country’s chief medical officer Jim Bishop says investigations will continue to find out whether the vaccine was to blame.

Professor Bishop says at this stage there have been no similar adverse reactions reported in the other states. But he says health authorities around the country have been put on alert.

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