June 21, 2010 WND

The Marmara Manhattan, a high-rise suites hotel located in New York’s Upper East Side, is offering a one-bedroom suite accommodation for $5,100 a month with airport transfer, baby cradle and a gift set for the mother, according to BreakingTravelNews.com.

Medical fees, at a cost of around $30,000, are arranged by the hotel separately. The Marmara Manhattan hotel is part of a Turkish hospitality chain.

Foreign nationals expecting babies make travel plans through a “birth tourism” agency to travel to the United States at the right time to give birth.

Flourishing in countries like Turkey, companies in the birth tourism business are able to arrange trips to U.S. cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago at prices ranging from $25,000 to $40,000, all for packages that include the flight, city tours, living accommodations for several months and hospital expenses.

“Birth tourism relies on a lax interpretation of the 14th Amendment that Hispanic immigrants entering the United States through Mexico have used to argue Hispanic children born in the United States to illegal immigrants are ‘birthright citizens,'” Corsi wrote.