The preparation for a controlled demolition requires much advance planning. If the WTC was demolished as many have alleged, then the explosives and cutting charges would have had to have been put in place in ADVANCE of the False Flag Operation.

In order to have a building fall into its own shadow, multiple charges had to have been placed in the core structure of the building WELL in advance of the “attack”. The planes hitting the buildings in this case was merely a diversionary tactic – done in order to have something OTHER than the OBVIOUS to blame the collapse on, and a scenario never before experienced in this country, so that the “average Joe” would have no prior recollection of a previous event to lend credibility for calling the “official” explanation “bogus”.

A simplified diagram shows the placement of the Thermate “cutting” charge (green lines) and the explosive (brown). The detonators for the cutting charges and the explosive are wired separately to a computer console (wires A and B respectively) which controls sequence and timing of detonations.

The sequence of the demolition starts from the top down. Each of the sets of charges are set off in sequence. All the charges on the same floor have to be ignited simultaneously. The cutting charges on each support are ignited first. This high-temperature charge DOES NOT explode; it merely slices the support column (red) and the molten steel (pink) flows from the “cuts”. This molten steel collected at the base of each tower, and there was so much of it that it held the extremely high temperature (thermal inertia) and appeared to “burn” for three months after the collapse.

A fraction of a second after the cutting charge is ignited and the steel is LIQUEFIED, a small explosive (C-4 or Semtex) placed at the apex of the cut (left side of diagram) is detonated. This explosive DOES NOT have enough power to cut or bend the steel; its purpose is to “kick” the severed piece of I-beam or support structure away from the cut – in similar manner as a lumberjack would fell a large tree with a chain saw.

After the wedge-shaped section is blown clear of the support column (or I-Beam) there is no support for the structure above, and the building (floor) begins to fall. A fraction of a second later, and BEFORE the ceiling of the floor above impacts the floor of the floor below, this sequence of cutting and separation charges is initiated on a lower floor. In real-time, this forms the APPARENCY of a “pancake” of all the floors, but in reality, the collapse is NOT a result of the lower floors collapsing because they have to bear the weight of the collapsed floors above.

The sequential detonation of charges removes the floor below PRIOR to the impact of the floor above, and the cumulative result is that the entire building enters a state of simultaneous free-fall, falls very quickly – with speeds approaching that of true free-fall, and properly done, will fall into its own “shadow” or “footprint” – as was the case with ALL THREE buildings: WTC 1 & 2 and WTC Building #7.

The photos above are ABSOLUTE PROOF that Thermate was used to cut the core support columns. The rescue operations shown here are PRIOR to the cleanup. People who REFUSE to believe what their eyes tell them will no doubt argue that this support column was cut by a welder during the cleanup operation. However, a PROFESSIONAL welder who is cutting steel for scrap removal would NOT make more work for himself by cutting the steel at a perfect 45-degree angle as shown in the photo above – it is “the long-way around” to make such a cut. In addition, a cutting torch operates by heat AND pressure of the gas. If you’ve ever watched a welder cut an I-beam with a torch, you NEVER see melted steel dripping off the cut as you do in this photo – a cutting torch ejects the metal away from the flame and thereby cuts a “slot” in the metal. Note that the 45-degree angle cut on this box column is completely consistent with the demolition sequence described above, and the presence of molten steel “slag” on the edges on the OUTSIDE of the box-beam is IMPOSSIBLE to do with a cutting torch unless you were cutting it from the INSIDE. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the steel dripping along the edges of this beam was cut with high-temperature cutting charges such as Thermate or Thermite as is consistent with standard operating practice of professional demolition teams. Since these charges would have taken a considerable time to plan, and WEEKS – if not MONTHS – to put in place, is IRREFUTABLE PROOF that the World Trade Center was INTENTIONALLY DEMOLISHED, there was PREMEDITATION and COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, and the planes that hit the towers were a DIVERSIONARY TACTIC as alleged.