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The preparation for a controlled demolition requires much advance planning. If the WTC was demolished as many have alleged, then the explosives and cutting charges would have had to have been put in place in ADVANCE of the False Flag Operation.

In order to have a building fall into its own shadow, multiple charges had to have been placed in the core structure of the building WELL in advance of the “attack”. The planes hitting the buildings in this case was merely a diversionary tactic – done in order to have something OTHER than the OBVIOUS to blame the collapse on, and a scenario never before experienced in this country, so that the “average Joe” would have no prior recollection of a previous event to lend credibility for calling the “official” explanation “bogus”.

A simplified diagram shows the placement of the Thermate “cutting” charge (green lines) and the explosive (brown). The detonators for the cutting charges and the explosive are wired separately to a computer console (wires A and B respectively) which controls sequence and timing of detonations.

The sequence of the demolition starts from the top down. Each of the sets of charges are set off in sequence. All the charges on the same floor have to be ignited simultaneously. The cutting charges on each support are ignited first. This high-temperature charge DOES NOT explode; it merely slices the support column (red) and the molten steel (pink) flows from the “cuts”. This molten steel collected at the base of each tower, and there was so much of it that it held the extremely high temperature (thermal inertia) and appeared to “burn” for three months after the collapse.

A fraction of a second after the cutting charge is ignited and the steel is LIQUEFIED, a small explosive (C-4 or Semtex) placed at the apex of the cut (left side of diagram) is detonated. This explosive DOES NOT have enough power to cut or bend the steel; its purpose is to “kick” the severed piece of I-beam or support structure away from the cut – in similar manner as a lumberjack would fell a large tree with a chain saw.

After the wedge-shaped section is blown clear of the support column (or I-Beam) there is no support for the structure above, and the building (floor) begins to fall. A fraction of a second later, and BEFORE the ceiling of the floor above impacts the floor of the floor below, this sequence of cutting and separation charges is initiated on a lower floor. In real-time, this forms the APPARENCY of a “pancake” of all the floors, but in reality, the collapse is NOT a result of the lower floors collapsing because they have to bear the weight of the collapsed floors above.

The sequential detonation of charges removes the floor below PRIOR to the impact of the floor above, and the cumulative result is that the entire building enters a state of simultaneous free-fall, falls very quickly – with speeds approaching that of true free-fall, and properly done, will fall into its own “shadow” or “footprint” – as was the case with ALL THREE buildings: WTC 1 & 2 and WTC Building #7.

The photos above are ABSOLUTE PROOF that Thermate was used to cut the core support columns. The rescue operations shown here are PRIOR to the cleanup. People who REFUSE to believe what their eyes tell them will no doubt argue that this support column was cut by a welder during the cleanup operation. However, a PROFESSIONAL welder who is cutting steel for scrap removal would NOT make more work for himself by cutting the steel at a perfect 45-degree angle as shown in the photo above – it is “the long-way around” to make such a cut. In addition, a cutting torch operates by heat AND pressure of the gas. If you’ve ever watched a welder cut an I-beam with a torch, you NEVER see melted steel dripping off the cut as you do in this photo – a cutting torch ejects the metal away from the flame and thereby cuts a “slot” in the metal. Note that the 45-degree angle cut on this box column is completely consistent with the demolition sequence described above, and the presence of molten steel “slag” on the edges on the OUTSIDE of the box-beam is IMPOSSIBLE to do with a cutting torch unless you were cutting it from the INSIDE. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the steel dripping along the edges of this beam was cut with high-temperature cutting charges such as Thermate or Thermite as is consistent with standard operating practice of professional demolition teams. Since these charges would have taken a considerable time to plan, and WEEKS – if not MONTHS – to put in place, is IRREFUTABLE PROOF that the World Trade Center was INTENTIONALLY DEMOLISHED, there was PREMEDITATION and COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, and the planes that hit the towers were a DIVERSIONARY TACTIC as alleged.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

After filing a lawsuit that prompted NIST to release more than 3 terabytes of photographs and videos from their investigation into the collapse of the twin towers and WTC 7 on 9/11, the International Center for 9/11 Studies has obtained evidence that suggests NIST edited several videos of the collapse of Building 7 in order to hide evidence of a controlled implosion.

The Center has now begun posting some of those images and videos online, the first batch of which is from an external hard disk drive “NIST WTC Investigation Cumulus Video Clips.”

In one of the clips, the video of which has been in the public domain for years, a loud, low-frequency boom can be heard just before the east penthouse of WTC 7 falls. Once the support columns that held up the penthouse are taken out, the rest of the building falls almost within its own footprint.

However, in subsequent clips released by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), where the camera is located nearer to the building, the collapse of the penthouse is clearly edited out of the footage.

“Several clips from the Cumulus database show signs of editing. In the two video clips below, the collapse of the penthouse of World Trade Center 7 is cut out of the video. These videos happen to have been filmed from close to WTC 7, and have a high quality soundtrack that would have picked up explosion sounds from the charges that severed the columns supporting the penthouse, especially the explosion heard in the last video clip presented,” comments the International Center for 9/11 Studies.

In another clip, the entire collapse of the building is edited out, the audio is removed and only restored after the building has fully collapsed.

The Center also obtained videos of the collapse of the twin towers that had obviously been edited, with sections deliberately removed. “There are many video clips in the Cumulus database that do not show collapse initiation – the only event even purportedly explained in the final report from NIST on the Twin Towers,” states the Center.

Another new video shows Michael Hess yelling for help from the 8th floor window of WTC 7. The clip reinforces the fact that the building had not sustained any substantial damage before its free fall collapse within 7 seconds.

As we documented for several years, the collapse of WTC 7 is the smoking gun confirming that the official story behind 9/11 is bogus. The collapse of Building 7 was reported before it happened by several news stations, including BBC and CNN.

The International Center for 9/11 Studies is now in the process of reviewing over 300 DVDs along with several external hard disk drives that contain a plethora of unseen photographs and video footage from ground zero. Judging by the small amount of damning footage already released, it’s highly probable that this data will provide a myriad of new contradictions both to the official 9/11 story as well as NIST’s own investigation into the collapse of the three buildings.

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, April 23, 2010

Preface from Alex Jones: To truly grasp the magnitude of this story, you really have to read the entire article. Immediately after the “pull it” controversy, debunkers claimed there was no plan to conduct a controlled demolition of the building. Now the fact that officials were considering blowing up the building is established, Silverstein’s consistent denial that this took place is a huge smoking gun. How did Silverstein expect to demolish the building safely when such a process takes weeks or even months to properly set up, even without the additional chaos surrounding WTC 7 on 9/11? How could explosives have been correctly placed on such short notice inside a burning building that had already been evacuated – unless the explosives were already in place? This new revelation is astounding and it needs to be investigated immediately.

A Fox News hit piece against Jesse Ventura and the 9/11 truth movement written by former Washington D.C. prosecutor Jeffrey Scott Shapiro inadvertently reveals a shocking truth, that World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein, who collected nearly $500 million dollars in insurance as a result of the collapse of Building 7, a 47-story structure that was not hit by a plane but collapsed within seven seconds on September 11, was on the phone to his insurance carrier attempting to convince them that the building should be brought down via controlled demolition.

Writing for Fox News, Jeffrey Scott Shapiro states, “I was working as a journalist for Gannett News at Ground Zero that day, and I remember very clearly what I saw and heard.”

“Shortly before the building collapsed, several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall.”

In February of 2002 Silverstein Properties won $861 million from Industrial Risk Insurers to rebuild on the site of WTC 7. Silverstein Properties’ estimated investment in WTC 7 was $386 million. This building’s collapse alone resulted in a payout of nearly $500 million, based on the contention that it was an unforeseen accidental event.

“A controlled demolition would have minimized the damage caused by the building’s imminent collapse and potentially save lives. Many law enforcement personnel, firefighters and other journalists were aware of this possible option. There was no secret. There was no conspiracy,” writes Shapiro.

However, obviously aware of how it would impact his insurance claim, Larry Silverstein has consistently denied that there was ever a plan to intentionally demolish Building 7.

In June 2005, Silverstein told New York Post journalist Sam Smith that his infamous “pull it” comment, which has been cited as proof that Silverstein planned to take down the building with explosives, “meant something else”.

In January 2006, Silverstein’s spokesperson Dara McQuillan told the U.S. State Department that the “pull it” comment meant to withdraw firefighters from the building (despite the fact that there were no firefighters inside WTC 7 as we shall later cover). There was no mention whatsoever of any plan to demolish the building before it fell.

Shapiro’s faux pas has unwittingly let the cat out of the bag on the fact that Silverstein was aggressively pushing for the building to be intentionally demolished, a claim that he has always vociferously denied, presumably to safeguard against putting in doubt the massive insurance payout he received on the basis that the collapse was accidental.

For over five years since the infamous PBS documentary was aired in which Silverstein states that the decision was made to “pull” the building, a construction term for controlled demolition, debunkers have attempted to perform all kinds of mental gymnastics in fudging the meaning behind the WTC leaseholder’s comments.

“I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse,” said Silverstein.

Debunkers attempted to claim that Silverstein meant to “pull” the firefighters from the building due to the danger the structure was in, and this explanation was also later claimed by Silverstein’s spokesman, however, both the FEMA report, the New York Times and even Popular Mechanics reported that there were no firefighting actions taken inside WTC 7.

Another EMT named Mike who wished to remain anonymous wrote in a letter to the Loose Change film crew that emergency responders were told Building 7 was about to be “pulled” and that a 20 second radio countdown preceded its collapse.

“There were bright flashes up and down the sides of Building 7, you could see them through the windows…and it collapsed. We all knew it was intentionally pulled… they told us,” he stated.

Following news reports in the days after the attack that Building 7 had collapsed due to fire damage, Mike fully expected this mistake to be corrected after the chaos had subsided, but was astonished when it became part of the official story.

Mike’s report of a countdown preceding the collapse of WTC 7 was backed up by Former Air Force Special Operations for Search and Rescue, Kevin McPadden, who said that he heard the last few seconds of the countdown on a nearby police radio.

In addition, the language used by firefighters and others at ground zero shortly before the building fell strongly indicates that the building was deliberately demolished with explosives, and not that it fell unaided.

Russia Today: Japan says 9/11 hoax…

Interview with Dr. David Ray Griffen

As reported on, wednsday, march 17th

Documents recently obtained by the ACLU show that the government warned the 9/11 Commission against getting to the bottom of the September 11 terror attacks in a letter signed by Attorney General John Ashcroft, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and CIA Director George J. Tenet.

In a letter dated January 6, 2004, the Commission was refused permission to question terrorist detainees, with inquiry leaders Hamilton and Kean being told there was “A line that the Commission should not cross,” in the course of its investigation.

click here for the PDF copy of the letter

The government urged the Commission, “Not to further pursue the proposed request to participate in the questioning of detainees,” according to the letter, citing the need to “Safeguard the national security, including protection of Americans from future terrorist attacks.”

The warning was just one example of how the Bush administration fiercely struggled to prevent the 9/11 Commission from conducting a deeper probe into the attacks.Bush and Cheney refused to appear before the Commission separately and both refused to testify under oath, instead meeting with panel members informally and in private, with no recordings of the meeting allowed.

It’s Interesting when reading this report, I remember when it first broke and remember hearing Christie Todd Whitman head of the EPA standing in front of TV cameras dismissing the claims that, do to all the asbestos Insulation in the Twin Towers it made the air extremely toxic to breathe. The Government continued to deny the claim and The People continued to battle them in court for over 8 years, sence then hundreds of first responders have died from lung cancer and thousands more suffer and will likely die from that toxic air. The total death toll of 9/11 could rise well over 5,000 by 2012. I have one question…Why do you think the Government tried to cover up the fact that the air was extremely toxic to breathe instead of just saying “yea the air is toxic, here are masks that can stop the dust from entering your lungs, now continue on”? Why try and cover it up?

Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, March 12, 2010

The $650 million dollar payout in the 9/11 toxic dust settlement serves as a stark reminder amidst an attempted establishment purge of any questions surrounding what happened on September 11, that the government did indeed conspire to lie about 9/11 in the immediate aftermath of the attack.

“Rescue and recovery workers who were exposed to a toxic brew of smoke and dust in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks have been awarded $650 million in a compensation deal struck in New York,” reports the London Times.

“Thousands of 9/11 heroes, including firefighters, police officers, construction experts and emergency workers, have filed lawsuits since 2003 but last night’s agreement is expected to put an end to years of legal battles.”

As 9/11 truth organizations have constantly emphasized as part of their efforts to aid 9/11 first responders, it was a government lie about 9/11 in the very days after the tragedy that set in motion an 8 and half year legal battle to obtain justice for the heroes of that fateful day.

Five days after the 9/11 attack, Christie Todd Whitman, then head of the Environmental Protection Agency, told reporters, “The good news continues to be that air samples we have taken have all been at levels that cause no concern.”

However, the EPA’s own Office of the Inspector General later revealed that this was an outright lie. In August 2003 it was revealed that the government ordered the EPA to give the public misleading information, telling New Yorkers on September 12 it was safe to breathe when reliable information on air quality was not available and Asbestos levels were known to be three times higher than national standards.

  • Whitman Misled Public About Ground Zero Air Quality

3 February 2006 — NEW YORK _ A federal judge on Thursday blasted former Environmental Protection Agency head Christine Todd Whitman for telling residents and workers in lower Manhattan that the air was safe to breathe immediately following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

“Whitman’s deliberate and misleading statements to the press, where she reassured the public that the air was safe to breathe around lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, and that there would be no health risk presented to those returning to those areas, shocks the conscience,” Manhattan Federal Judge Deborah Batts wrote.

  • EPA Misled Public About 9/11 Pollution

August 23, 2003 — NEW YORK — In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, the White House instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to give the public misleading information, telling New Yorkers it was safe to breathe when reliable information on air quality was not available.

That finding is included in a report released Friday by the Office of the Inspector General of the EPA. It noted that some of the agency’s news releases in the weeks after the attack were softened before being released to the public: Reassuring information was added, while cautionary information was deleted.

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CrossTalk on 9/11

In this edition of CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle asks his guests why discussion of the events of 9/11 continue to attrack so much attention but is all but banned in the media mainstream.

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We call upon Congress for a truly independent investigation with subpoena power. We believe that there is sufficient evidence to conclude that the World Trade Center buildings #1 (North Tower), #2 (South Tower), and #7 (the 47 story high-rise across Vesey St.) were destroyed not by jet impact and fires but by controlled demolition with explosives.

We believe that our website, our DVD “9/11: Blueprint for Truth”, and the other referenced material, contain the information necessary to demonstrate to all with an open mind that this is the case, and that such an investigation is warranted and overdue. We believe that the available evidence invalidates the government’s official conspiracy theory.

Richard Gage, AIA, is a San Francisco Bay Area architect and a member of the American Institute of Architects. He is the founding member of AE911Truth. He has been a practicing architect for over 20 years and has worked on most types of building construction, including numerous fire-proofed steel-framed buildings. Most recently he worked on the construction documents for a $400M mixed-use urban project with 1.2 million square feet of retail, parking structure, and 320,000 square feet of mid-rise office space—altogether about with 1,200 tons of steel framing.

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